Certification, Self-Doubt, Volunteering & More Designs

We are 14 weeks into the 100 days of productivity challenge. Read original post here.

I definitely lost track at some point because I got deeply buried in my professional digital marketing certification. However, just because a post hasn’t been uploaded in the last two months doesn’t mean I still have not stayed accountable to the challenge. Grab a cup of tea and settle in because I’m about to bring you up to speed on the tasks I have been up for the #100DaysOfProductivity challenge and what I have learned so far.

One practical way that I like to approach my goals is to divide them into the different quarters of the year. So by the end of each quarter, I do a little assessment of my progress and decide if I am satisfied with the growth or if I need to push harder. I am quite content with sharing this post now, as I believe that it is more interesting to collectively share the progress of everything rather than little bits of updates.

I have just come to realise that: it is what it is.

Majority of the time in February was spent on creating content, graphics and doing some social media work for the company where I currently work. I also started working on a really exciting project that I unfortunately cannot be open about just yet. I am hoping everything falls into place with good news so that I can share the update once its confirmed.

At the same time, I decided to make another mandala pattern design and it definitely took a good deal of time. Mandala patterns are very time consuming but also relaxing so it was worth every second. They turned out so beautiful and and I’m eager to make more of it.

Floral/Tropical Hand Drawn Mandala Patterns

Two activities that took up majority of my time in March were gym classes and the completion of a module for my professional certification. I thought that I’d be able to grab content creation by the throat for my personal brand but eventually prioritised those two things. Though I am still relatively new to the gym ( – i’m typically a home workout and outdoor runs person); I later realised how much I love to spend time at the gym. It turns out to be one of my happy places.

March involved a LOT of all nighters. I believe they were worth it because I am happy with the work that was submitted. After the assignment submission, a certificate was sent by the CIM for the first completed module (Applied Marketing); this definitely gave me a bit of boost and encouragement to do my best on final module for the particular level I am studying.

Your girl is officially certified! Whoop whoop!

Most of the time in April was spent on passion projects for the most part. One being the UX design project I had mentioned in the previous post and another being design and development for some craft items I’m hoping to relaunch my online craft store with.

One goal that I had been chasing for a couple of years since I started learning to craft is to volunteer as an instructor. After reaching out to a couple of agencies, I finally got my first opportunity to teach kids some craft skills. Volunteering is an interest that I hold very dearly and I was glad with how the first opportunity went. A video was shared to youtube documenting the full experience, you can watch it below.

My First Time Volunteering as a Craft Instructor

As I am typing this, there are a couple of deadlines for the Planning Campaigns module (final module of the level 4 Professional Digital Marketing certification). That is mainly what I would be busy with over the next few weeks; hopefully with more volunteering opportunities too.

….I later realised how much I love to spend time at the gym. It turns out to be one of my happy places.

Are you like me where you have random moments of self doubt; or are you perfectly normal? Lol. When it comes to my YouTube channel, I tend to have a lot of self doubt wondering if my channel would ever grow to a desired position. The doubt becomes so strong at times that I feel completely crippled and defeated with no motivation to upload anything at all.

Which is super counter productive because YouTube growth not only relies on quality content but also the consistency. A vlog was shared to my channel where I opened up about my thoughts on this. I have just come to realise that: it is what it is. Doubt is too much of a negative emotion to constantly relish in, and I have found myself with an acceptance to my YouTube journey.

Self-learning definitely comes with a bit of imposter syndrome that isn’t talked about enough. In the process of navigating my career, I have confirmed that not much progress can be made if self-learning isn’t taken seriously. I try to starve those imposter thoughts of any attention with the hopes that I would eventually find a solid footing to feel confident in all the tasks I embark on.

Though, I am determined to do my best with Youtube content creation, I have also kinda accepted that whatever will be, will be. You can watch the video on my thoughts and also subscribe to the channel here. Your subscription will mean the WORLD to me.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Thank you ❤ xx!!

We are now one month (30 days) to the end of the challenge I am feeling very confident that it will end with joy and good news. Are you attempting the 100Days of Productivity challenge?
What are ways that you ensure Positive results on all your personal goals outside of a challenge? Share your tips, we would love to read them.

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