Productivity or Design? (Day 1-7)

We are one week into 100 days of productivity challenge and honestly, I am loving it so far.

I love being accountable at the end of each day to testify on what I have spent the whole day doing. If you’re confused on the details of this, kindly read the previous blogpost where I shared my reasons for embarking on the #100DaysOfProductivity challenge.

After I started, I quickly realised that I already have a lot of productive days. I just do not particularly spend them building the skills I want to grow. So I decided to be really intentional about developing my design skills. Though I have been designing on Canva for many years now, I started exploring my art skills on my phone with Procreate Pocket with a couple of random doodles that I shared in this post.

I don’t know what to call this one but I’d share a post on the full details behind the creation process when the art piece has a name. Your suggestions on a name will be very much appreciated.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Figma are also softwares that I have been spending a lot of time on lately. The first week of this challenge has subconsciously brought me to the realisation on my determination to grow my design skills. I could have a really hectic day with marketing communication activities (my current work field) or even errands; but still be determined to get in at least one piece of design at the end of the day. It is after a design is completed or worked on that the feeling of excitement and accomplishment finally sets it.

I think I would be doing myself a better favour with accountability to #100DaysOfDesign instead.

So, here I am to stay accountable to this challenge. After I shared the Will of Fortune art piece, I have been working to make it a series of environmental art pieces which I have been working on for a while. Another piece that was created as part of the series is the art in the image below. I don’t know what to call this one but I’d share a post on the full details behind the creation process when the art piece has a name. Your suggestions on a name will be very much appreciated.

Acrylic paint and glitter foam on pleather board

I’d love to add two more pieces to the series, so Day 1 of the challenge involved a lot of spray paint. The blank pleather board was covered with layers of silver spray paint around the borders. I would typically have to wait for a couple of days for it to dry up before going ahead with a design.

Day 1: Blank pleather board with silver borders.

On Day 2, I decided to pay more attention to a design project had started but abandoned due to procrastination. The pattern design based on the wallpaper in my apartment. I found this one in partially so fun because I really enjoy creating anything on Procreate Pocket.

Day 2: Leaf pattern design.

On Day 3, I made some edit to a flower design I had completed some months ago by adding some details to the petals and made the whole design quite simple, minimalist and phone wallpaper friendly. This was also completed on Procreate Pocket.

Day 3 :Minimalist Floral Wallpaper

I had quite a busy day on Day 4 because of a deadline for the Chartered Institute of Marketing that I trying to meet. So I shared a process video of the completion of the pattern design from day 2.

Day 4: Process video from leaf pattern design.

I have wanted to test my skills on Mandala patterns for some time now so while on the train to Ibadan (the city where my family lives, which is just 1-2hrs from Lagos), I made sure to squeeze that in. Even though I did not have a still surface to make the design as smooth as it can be. I think it didn’t turn out too bad. This was done on my sketchpad with pencils and pens.

Day 5: Mandala Pattern Rough Draft

On Day 6, I really felt the need to pay more attention to the User Experience (UX) project that I have been working on for what feels like months. When the project is complete, I’d also share more details and add it to the portfolio. So I made sure to complete the low fidelity wireframes for that on Figma. The next steps on this now would be the usability testing and high fidelity wireframes. I CANNOT wait to see how it turns out. I’m a bit too excited for this one.

Day 6: Low Fidelity Wireframes for UX Project.

While in Ibadan, I also have to get to work as on digital marketing for the company I work at. So while creating the social accounts on Day 7, I realised that the brand identity was quite disorganised. The only elements that was most consistent were the font and brand colours on Adobe Illustrator. So I decided to create updated logos for corporate as well as it’s brand products but I’d share only one.

Day 7: Logo Design for SDM Tavern

So that’s my accountability so far for the first 7 days of the #100DaysOfProductivity challenge. I do not want to conclude very quickly on if it will be changed to #100DaysOfDesign just yet as I don’t want to fail before I start. I guess we can figure it out together.

However, I hope that you can follow me on this journey for the next few weeks and also feel inspired to join with #100DaysOf….. whatever you are trying to make a habit in your life.

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