100 Days of Productivity Challenge

Happy New Year! 2021, here we go. Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

New Years bring new hope that makes us feel alive. It is almost as if all the mistakes from the previous year have been erased, we cling on to our wins and make up our minds to bag more wins through the new year. So, it is generally thought to take some time to reflect on goals and expectations for the year and I have been doing the same thing.

One thing that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon though, is the pandemic. Covid has changed a lot around the world. From mindsets to interpersonal interactions, business structures and even the economy. It almost seems like the birth of a new generation and the dawn of a new era.

100 days practising and being productive with the habits that I believe will give me significant growth to excel in my career.

Though we are all cooped up indoors, I am not complaining because I cannot lie that I needed some time for reflection. Mainly with my career, as we have all become a slave to capitalism haha. The past one year has been very enlightening, I feel like we are all being forced to grow up. These observations are the reasons for the relentless focus on my career journey. I am really just doing my best to build a wholesome life.

I have expressed the frustrations on navigating my strategies to building a lasting and stable career path in previous posts, however, I have made my mind on one thing this year. To be intentional. Being intentional provides clarity, saves confusion and a lot of stress. As much as I try my best to be enduring, I really do not like stress and I am determined to avoid it at all costs.

My deep passion for arts, craft and design is one of the things that keeps me motivated despite everything that is going on around me and in the world. Regardless, I have to be realistic with my skills, knowledge and education in order to make the best decisions.

Since I made the decision to focus on directing my career in the MarTech direction, I have been trying to build certain necessary skills that will put me in an optimal position for the best opportunities. Though I am in the process of completing a chartered marketing certification with a specialisation in digital marketing, I am also almost done with my first UX design project and can’t wait to share that. Hopefully, I can come to a good understanding of MarTech stacks and solutions along the line.

Through the “100 days of Productivity” challenge, I will share my activities and progress on digital marketing techniques, visual design and content creation daily. It will be exclusive of weekends and public holidays because I also need rest. By the end of this challenge, I am hoping I should have a solid foot career-wise, in a way that opportunities come to me rather searching all over desperately (By God’s grace). I am very excited about this because not only will I apply the skills I am learning to my personal brand; but also to the company where I currently work.

What are your goals “100 days of what…” would you rather do?

At the same time, my conscience cannot allow me to neglect the passions I am building with Didun so because of this, I decided that its best I make this a challenge with 100 days of productivity. 100 days practising and being productive with the habits that I believe will give me significant growth to excel in my career. I believe that a person’s adult life is a collection of their habits and choices like I said in a previous post – Keystone Habits for Lifestyle Change so I am hoping that these 100 days will equip me with the habits I need for a solid career path.

Though I have technically started this challenge already, the official start date is for the 25th of January and it will go on until the 18th of June. That is basically half of the year!! This will also be a true test of my commitment level. LOL!

You can calculate yours here.

I also want to be accountable for this challenge, which is why I am sharing my intentions with you. You are my accountable partner. *wink*. I might not be in the position to share blogposts daily but I will definitely be posting a lot to Instagram and Twitter so you should follow me @millieidun with #100DaysofProductivity. I hope I can also inspire you to embark on 100 days of productivity dedicated to your goals.

In the mean time, watch my latest Youtube video and don’t forget to subscribe 💖.

Honestly, I would’ve loved for this to be just “100 days of design” but my career also needs some attention and I don’t want to fail this challenge. So that’s why I just generalised it with “productivity” and I’m happy with that.

Are you committed enough to attempt the 100 Days of Practice/Productivity Challenge? Or do you have any New Years Resolution? What are your goals “100 days of what…” would you rather do? I really want hear your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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