Art Piece: Will of Fortune

I have been very tempted to make use of residual craft pieces from previous projects, rather than tossing them out as I did not want them to waste. A good portion of the usable scraps has been glitter foam cards and gold cards. So I got an idea to create a piece inspired by stained glass.

After getting some inspiration from Pinterest, I drew the pattern below. I also wanted to incorporate a floral element because flowers one of my biggest inspiration.

It is my first time attempting a piece like this, so I was feeling a bit unsure which is why the pattern was drawn out on paper before it was transferred to the frame. To give the art a bit of the “stain glass window” effect, I spray-painted the borders silver. Bear in mind that my frame is made of faux leather rather than canvas. This was a bit of a challenge because I had to wait a few days for this spray-paint to dry.

After that; I focused on cutting out triangles with the card and glitter foam residual pieces, for the edges and stained glass effect. I was very intentional to make sure the pattern was a collection of triangles, rectangles and circles. The cut out pieces were glued to the board with resin adhesive. Then I just followed my design instincts until I came up with this piece and I am in love with the final product.

I have decided to call this piece “Will of Fortune”. I’d say that this piece definitely gives vibes of a crystal ball 🔮 (used for fortune-telling), as well as Nazar’s Amulet 🧿 (which is used as a protection against evil eye). Hence, the inspiration behind the name.

“Will of Fortune” (15″ x 20″). Craft cards and acrylic paint on pleather board.

Overall, it is an environmentally-friendly piece. I am hoping to create more pieces similar to this, to start a series of sustainable art. Follow my Instagram to stay in touch with future work and projects @milliediun.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to reach out and it will be an honour for the Will of Fortune to find a new home.


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