How To Make a Simple Giant Paper Flower

As beautiful as paper flowers are, they are very easy to make and anyone can craft.

I started crafting when I was planning a baby shower and wanted to add some paper flowers to the decor for a bit of life in the venue. Then, I stumbled upon a beautiful set of flowers by Craftectshub on Instagram who is a very talented crafter in Nigeria.

After my enquiry for the paper flowers, I decided to do a bit more research on how the flowers were made and of course, the research led me to Youtube. After watching a couple of videos, I realised that it wasn’t rocket science after all. You just need some basic crafting tools, paper and a creative mindset.

I discussed the details on the tools to get started on crafting in a previous post, kindly read that to make sure that you are ready for this journey. The video below demonstrates the step by step detail of how to make a basic paper flower.

The templates used for the flower craft in the video can be found here:

6-sided base:

Petal template:

Watch the video here:

The flower in the video was crafted for wall decor, which is why I added some double-sided tape to the back. If you are crafting for fabric decor, I’d advice you to use a pin instead. I hope to demonstrate this in another video, hopefully sometime soon.

Paper crafting is a learning process so don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the journey of how each creation turns out. I’d love to see how your craft creation goes, so please tag me on your posts @milliedidun across all platforms.

I’m not sure if there would be another post before Christmas day, so I use this as an opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas. Spread love and cheer to all your loved ones, and save me some turkey! 🙂

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