Flat Landscape Wallpaper – An attempt at digital designs

As much as I enjoy handcraft and paper crafts, it is just one aspect of all the things I love to do. Since I made the decision to add UX design to my career, I have been self-learning. The User Experience design process includes a process of user research, information architecture with flows and wire-framing, then prototype before the user testing.

Though my experience in market research and campaigns help as a theoretical foot-stool for the user research, testing and information architecture aspect of the UX design process, my major concern was the actual design process. I initially thought: “Okay, good. I have crafted multiple paper flowers and wall decor sets; and I have good experience with Canva, so digital designs should not be a big deal”. Or so I thought.

After more research, I realised that I would need good knowledge of softwares like Figma, Sketch and InDesign for the wire framing and prototype. However, I did not feel confident going ahead to attempt a project yet. So I gave myself a challenge to design a wallpaper on one of my best softwares: Adobe Illustrator.

Though I already enjoy creating random doodles with procreate, I wanted more knowledge working with vector shapes rather than art brushes. I chose a straightforward design which I saw on Instagram and chose to recreate it. While I believe that it could’ve turned out a lot better, I don’t think my first design was bad or terrible. There is still a lot to learn.

Honestly, I made some other wallpaper designs but I don’t feel comfortable sharing them because, i don’t feel really confident about how they turned out.

Though I still prefer making designs on procreate (mainly because the layout is simpler), I have just started a project on Figma and will be sharing the process of how that goes (and hopefully more wallpaper designs ). I hope this is just the start of many beautiful designs.

Oh! I shared one of my procreate designs to instagram yesterday and thought to post it here as well. I find flowers very easy to doodle. Follow me on Instagram @milliedidun to catch a glimpse of all the random things I get up to. 🙂

Do you enjoy creating digital designs? What’s your favourite software? And what is your favourite part of the design process?

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