Handmade Letter Decals

Hey there, I am back at it again with another craft-related post.

Letter Decals are an easy and simple way to add personalised decor to your space. They are even more easier to make with a cutting machine, however, this can be a very fun project for you and your kids or your friends. They are also very beautiful on backdrops for events. It is very easy to create the decals you want by hand; all you need:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Printer
  • Microsoft word/ Canva
  • Your preferred decal material; This could be Vinyl, Card Stock or Glitter Decor Foam
  • Paper tape or double-sided tape

Step 1: Start out in Microsoft Word or any software that supports typography. Type out your preferred decal text and make sure to adjust the size so that it is suitable for the surface that you are designing the decal for. In this case, I made the decals for wall decor so I made sure the text was as large as possible.

Step 2: Print out your text. Cut them out, following the lines as closely and accurately as possible. This will be your stencil for the decal.

Step 3: Arrange the letter stencils on your preferred decal material and use your double sided tape to secure the letter stencils on your preferred material. Tip: Make sure that the stencil is placed front-side-facing-down to the back of your preferred material. This is to avoid and conceal any mistakes that might be made and ensure a cleaner finish.

Step 4: Trace out your stencil on your preferred material using your pencil. The double-sided tape is very helpful for this step to secure your stencil to the preferred material for precise tracing.

Step 5: The moment it is all traced out, you can start cutting out your decals. Tip: Make sure you cut as close as possible to the traced outline.

Step 6: Now, you should have your letter cutouts. Add some double-sided tape to the back of the letters; and peel of the tape protector whenever you are ready to use your letters.

…And that’s it. I hope this process is straight-forward for you. If you would prefer to watch the process of how I make handmade cutouts, press play>>

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