Tutorial: Palm Spear Cake Topper

Paper crafts is definitely my favourite hobby and I have invested in it a a passion for over two years.My craft project last week was to attempt a palm spear cake topper for the first time. A friend gave me this idea and I had been procrastinating on it for a while and I finally got up to it.

Of course the first step of the creative process was to get some inspiration, so I went on Pinterest and the palm spear cake topper in the image below stood out to me particularly because of the glam colours and glitters.

The process was pretty easy and all that is needed is: wooden skewer, gold glitter card and black glitter card. Of course your tools as well: scissors, pencil, glue and eraser. Unfortunately, I did not have glitter card but I had gold paper and was determined to make it work.

I drew out the template for this process with freehand but have also attached a template that you can use for the process as the dimensions in the template are true to size.

Click the link below to watch a full video on how the final product was achieved and feel free to try this out for the your next DIY project or as part of the cake decoration for your next party. This cake topper would definitely stand out and you will get compliments on it.

What tools and type of paper do you already have around? The fun thing about crafts is how versatile it is. This is also a fun project to attempt with kids. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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