Beach Birthday Surprise

Event planning can be very stressful, however the process of creating a vision, choosing vendors and executing plans is undoubtedly very fun. So I was excited when an old friend reached out to me to assist with the planning of his wife’s birthday.

I really love putting together pleasurable experiences for people to enjoy, which is why I plan events as a side hustle. I hope to get more gigs so that I can share my journey and stories of the planning process.

When the client reached out, he expressed what he had in mind and used his engagement proposal event as an example, explaining that it was held on the beach and all. The first location that came to mind was Kids beach garden, as it one of the cleanest public beaches in Lagos (where the kids beach cleanup initiative is hosted).

However, we were unable get a timely response from them and settled with Lekki leisure lake. It all came together so perfectly because hosting the event at the Lekki Leisure Lake did not require external catering. The menu at LLL is great so I handpicked the menu for their intimate dinner. Reached out to my decorator with a vision and also a saxophonist.

Part of the plan was also to setup the hotel where the couple would stay the night. This was my first time putting together a hotel romantic setup and I was very excited about it. One thing I knew I knew was needed as I started planning the hotel setup was a WOW factor. Then I decided to put together a treats hamper within the agreed budget.

Looking back at how things went, I would have preferred if the drapes of the cabana on the beach was opened up. However the priority was of the setup was privacy so we left things as is.

The event turned out to be a great success and feedback from the client was great.

This is definitely the most exciting event that I have planned so far and I hope to host more like this in the future.

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