Life is What You Make It

We set goals and try to achieve them to life a fulfilled and they generally tend to be similar. The details of each individual’s goals may vary based on the life phase that you are at; but in the grand scheme of things, they mainly cover the same things- Good health, successful career, thriving interpersonal or family life and so on.

I take my goals really personal and I do everything in my power to create the life I want to live, within reasonable boundaries. From the moment I started to take adulthood very serious, I have been fully committed to my growth and would haul away anything that stands in my way with no mercy. But like everything else in life, the journey to smashing goals will always have it’s fair share challenges.

Taking things easy is supposed to be easy, right? So why do I not find it easy?

I can be quite ambitious and I tend to push myself a lot. I’m starting realise that I do not struggle with self discipline and motivation, and where my struggles lie is actually setting realistic goals and remembering that I’m only human. The reason I say this is- I had some days of downtime over the last few weeks.

This month has been a bit tough as I am dealing with a few changes and really trying to navigate the pandemic. With everything that life has thrown at me; my body really begged for a slower pace and I do not know why I took it as a sign to push harder. I guess I hate to feel weak. I was stubborn about my fatigue, it took a report from the doctors before I started to take my health serious and chose to slow down.

Taking things easy is supposed to be easy, right? So why do I not find it easy?

My life is not the type that is designed with a strong support system so I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. I tell myself “Life is what you make it” to stay laser focused on all my goals and to push myself as hard as I can. But right now, I have to surrender to my body because there would be no life to do anything with if I continue to push with the unhealthy existing patterns. I’ve come to realise that the person I am not setting boundaries with is myself but this is a tough thing to accept as money does not make itself and I have to eat.

One new hobby that I picked up though, is digital arts. I am a very big fan of arts and crafts.

I usually make a joke saying that “my anxiety drives me to be productive” but lately I’ve found myself struggling to stay positive and it feels like I am back to the start point. I am really trying to naviagte this phase of my life without relaxing too much to the point that I lose all the discipline, motivation and determination that I’ve built so far. I guess I just have to take one day at a time.

One new hobby that I picked up though, is digital arts. I am a very big fan of arts and crafts. This is an interest I have had for as long as I can remember. However, I never really fed into it until a couple of years a go when I started paper crafting. So, when I found myself with little to no energy to do the things I love, I downloaded procreate pocket and started to freestyle some digital paintings on there.

Of course I’m still a beginner but it has opened up a new world of imagination that I am very excited to tap into. These are some of the art I’ve made so far. They are very amateur but I cannot wait to watch my skills grow with digital arts.

However, I do not want to feel alone in this funk. How do you navigate downtimes when you are trying to stay productive but your body is giving up on you? How do you set realistic goals and how do you set boundaries with yourself?

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