Focusing on One Thing

Long time, no post.

On the previous post, I expressed my determination to break my current monthly running kilometres and started a challenge based on this. However along the line, I came to realise that my approach was not really practical and I failed terribly at it. Here is why…

When I started running in 2019, the core purpose of building this habit was to break out of the cycle of depression and start to form good habits with a winning mindset. As adults, our drive to do better and grow typically stems from the desire to reach great heights career-wise, in relationship and so on.

In order to really focus on exercise and fitness, your mind, diet, routine and mental strength needs to be 100% for maximum results. And of course, there is some form of financial responsibility that is tied into getting this right. I have quickly come to realise that there are other goals that need my full attention; i.e the growth of my business and finances.

My topmost personal goal is physical, metal and emotional well-being so I do my best to put a lot of effort into exercising 3 times a weeks, eating more fruits and vegetables, being mindful and so on. However, I have a small business that needs to grow. In order to focus on career growth, it needs my full attention and I have underestimated how much of my attention is needed for an authentic and practical growth in entrepreneurship.

One of my deep passions is arts and crafts. While my brand, Didun was setup and built on an event planning business, along the line, I fell in love with crafting and started to fully experiment to the point that I turned it into a small business. The name of my business is Didun. Didun is my baby, my first child. I’ll do anything for Didun.

I wish I could say that I tried all my best on the 50km challenge but I’d be lying. So I have made the decision to just focus on one thing and that is to build my brand and small business. As much as I am ready to fully invest in my health and fitness, I would need to just take each day at a time.

I am currently focused on creating more content (particularly visual content) based on my passions and hobbies while growing the business and I have fully come to the acceptance that this is what I need to do for this phase of life.

However, what this means is that majority of my posts from this point onwards will be related to arts, crafts, content creation and creativity. I really enjoy sharing nuggets I learn along the journey of life and I hope you can join me for this crazy ride.

I shared a video to YouTube explaining my struggles, challenges and hopes for the future of my career, you can watch it here

Video here>>>>> Craft & Chat: Big Decisions, The struggle of being a Nigerian Creative

I’d like to hear from you. How do you prioritise your goals? What are your tactics and strategies for living a well-balanced life? Leave a comment

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