5 Nice-To-Haves for a Nigerian Creative

Creative expression has no limits. It is usually born from a simple idea before evolving into actualisation that communicates the idea in a somewhat organised way. Though some people might have limits to how much is fed into their creative ideas and prefer to follow the professional career path, others are determined to foster theirs with goals and dreams of building a successful career.

The digital world has opened up more channels for us to share the actualisation of our creative expressions and it is no secret that Nigeria has birthed some amazing talents; with legends like Fela and Wizkid. The creative industry has been identified as one of the fastest-growing sectors in Nigeria. This is not a surprise and the variety of talent is impressive.

It is nice to see more people in the creative industry than we would have about a decade ago choosing to foster their talents; because the majority of Nigerians tend to have a more traditional mindset of following a progressive professional career path rather than chasing the uncertainty of a creative career. And even those that opt for a mixture both professional and creative careers eventually have to choose one.

The creative journey in Nigeria is not particularly easy though it might not seem like it is to those looking from the outside in. After finding the courage and strength to ignore naysayers, you also have to stand out in the relatively saturated creative space where opportunities seem scarce and the chance of “blowing” to international recognition can’t be confined.

But for real though, consistency is key. One way to stand out is by actually investing in your creative career long-term. Below is a list of some items that are functional and nice for every Nigerian creative to have through the growth of your creative journey or career.

Proper Tools/Stationary: It is nice to have a collection of tools or stationery dedicated to the purpose of mapping out your ideas into a clear plan. The worst is forgetting your ideas because they haven’t been written on a set-aside notepad or finding it difficult to execute them because you don’t have the tools you need.

A Workspace, Studio or Setup: Just like a carpenter cannot work without a workshop, is the same way it can be tough to yield productive projects without a dedicated workspace. Regardless of what you work with, whether lighting, props, microphone, backdrop, tripod, camera or even a canvas; it is nice to have an easily accessible space for all your tools and equipment.

Wifi/Internet: Unfortunately Nigeria is not very endowed with the best internet speed, and fibre-optic internet can turn out to be very expensive. However, some internet service providers that offer affordable, mobile and suitable packages. There is no point in boosting your creative career if you don’t plan to share your projects with the world. All sharing platforms are now at the tip of our fingers. Speedy wifi or internet is great support for creative projects.

Plan/ Vision board: The creative journey is not very straightforward and can be challenging. It is nice to have the objective of projects mapped out, content calendar for future projects or an in-depth/ clear reminder for goals,

A Community: No man is an island. Choosing a creative career path can feel lonely at times. It can be seen as the road “less travelled” as opposed to a professional career path so t is nice to have a group of like-minded individuals that you share similar visions with and can rely on one another for support. This is also how you get to know about opportunities to showcase your talent or find out industry trends. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

At the end of the day, we’re all trying our best and taking it one step at a time. Are there any other nice-to-haves that you believe is important but isn’t on the list? Leave a comment. Are you on a creative journey or have a friend that is on one? Share this post with them.

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