“Take It Easy”

One of my lovely friends checked on me some weeks ago, she saw some of my posts on social media and was worried, wanted to make sure I was not in a negative mental space. What a lovely gesture, I appreciated it. She then ended the conversation with “take it easy” and we wished each other well.

So, It got me thinking, how am I not taking it easy? Or at least, how could I take it easier? We always do our best to navigate different phases of our lives to the best of our abilities, whether it’s a negative or positive space, we don’t really have a choice, life keeps moving. It’s a non-ending cycle until the time of death.

Alignment activates the path of least resistance

We’re experiencing a global pandemic, the US is fighting against racism- a befitting revolution that other countries have supportively joined and Nigeria’s economy is just in pure shambles. Everything seems to be falling apart. Then I immediately felt a rush of frustration, like what exactly is there to take easy?

Unfortunately, this phase of life is presenting its fair share of gut-punches. I am fully aware that everything will be fine in the end but I have always been someone that prefers to work through emotions than around them. I, just like many others, have found myself in a bit of a tight corner with everything going on around the world and also in my personal life.

After gloating over all the unfortunate circumstances for a bit, I started to tell myself, maybe I should take it easy. After all, I’m not in control of what’s happening. The best I can do is to stay on top of my game, press forward, plan towards the future and hope for the best.

Whatever happens, happens.

So far, I have been assertively finding my way though doors and paths that are, in most cases, navigated forcefully at the detriment of my wellbeing. Now, I’m just tired and will prefer to “take it easy”. So I have made the conscious decision to detach from life’s experiences and to fall into the flow of things rather than forcing my own flow. Whatever happens, happens.

The current global situation can seem distressing so it’s easy for us to fall off our A-game. At the end of the day, alignment activates the path of least resistance. I encourage anyone reading this to “take it easy” and allow things to align and fall into place.

There are definitely brighter days ahead.

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