Heads Up

Its reflex for our heads to tilt downwards when we hear news that is not so good or when we do not feel our best. Our head feels the emptiness of our heart and they want to get closer together.

Dealing with challenges is a skill that we are naturally equipped with as conscious humans. I genuinely believe that God does not set us up and He equips us with what is needed to survive a challenge.

However, Covid-19 has changed the tone for this year and we might not get used to it for a while. Coronavirus is probably the biggest surprise I have experienced in my lifetime, no one saw it coming.

We have found ourselves in really trying times globally and we are not exactly sure how to handle it. It is crazy how the element that could put everyone in a sheer state of panic, fear and hesitation is a virus.

This pandemic is different because it is not well understood. Hundreds of people lose their lives and thousands also get infected daily. We are experiencing businesses shutting down, the economy is crashing, temporary unemployment…the world is on hold. The life we are living at the moment is like something out of an apocalyptic horror movie.

Everything just feels weird. We have to sanitise and wash our hands at every opportunity we get, avoiding social activity and physical touch, social spaces have to be deeply disinfected, we have to wear gloves and face masks to step out of the house. It’s all very abnormal. I hope and pray that this does not become our normal.

Our heads are down and we have fully surrendered to the negative vibes of the virus. Personally, I think it is wise that we respect it. When one thinks about it for too long, you might want to pass blame to the country that started it, or to how poorly a country/government is managing the negative effects. Unfortunately there is no manual for something like this. Relishing in the negativity of the virus can only build rage, anger and fear among communities.

One thing I have observed though, is the really high recovery rate of the virus. We are not subjected to death if we are infected and the world is not coming to an end. I have had to revisit my goals for the year to consider this change but I believe that this will all be over soon and we can all find some sanity in whatever the virus leaves behind.

The world is mourning and because of this, some might see it as insensitive or unrealistic to stay optimistic in trying times like this. Regardless, I believe that it’s important that we look at the bright side of this and not overwhelm ourselves with the negativity. We still need to be fully functional humans after this so we need to keep the light in our lives alive.

It’s funny the little things we take for granted; like being able to step out and socialise at our own will. It is not fun to sit around at home doing nothing all day. That’s the recipe to overthinking and depression. So it is important to that we keep our minds busy. I hope that we can all keep our heads up until this pandemic is kept under control.

As the recovery rate is higher than the death rate. I believe that is enough for all of us to keep our heads up just until all this is over. Sending love and peace to everyone.

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