Carbs Can Be Good Too

How has your Low Carb March been going? I cannot lie that it has been a bit difficult over here. To be fair, I already lived a low carb lifestyle before now, so trying to reduce the carbs even more seemed impossible. I started to really question the vanity behind my purpose of it.

And honestly, I have accepted myself as a vain person. I pay a lot of attention to my looks and put a lot of effort into sustaining it. As much as I want to look good, I also want to have energy to carry out my daily tasks effectively. So I was over the moon when Kubby, ( shared some insight to understanding carbs a lot better. She touched on the two types of carbs: Complex and simple carbs


From Kubby:

What is a low carb diet? Lots of times we have been told that carbohydrate is bad for us, this is in fact both true and false, why you ask? It is true because carbohydrate containing foods are one of the most common foods to find because there are different varieties both good and bad, and they are relatively very affordable. As a result of how readily available it is, we tend to over do it without realizing or caring and ignoring the fact that too much of everything is bad and that our body needs the other classes of food as well, (I am guilty of this as well lol ). 

It is also false because not all carbs are bad, there are some good carbs that the body requires for optimal function.


Complex carbs are “the good carbs” as  they are a good source of energy, fiber and nutrients. They help lower glycemic index, they make you fuller quicker but are digested slowly, because they don’t get absorbed into the bloodstream as rapidly. Taking them in the morning helps provide strength and endurance throughout the day. Complex carbs are mostly found in natural foods. Examples of complex carbs include, whole grains,  brown rice, legumes, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, nuts, oats, etc.

Simple carbs are otherwise known as “bad carbs”. These carbs are more rapidly digested and broken down into glucose (blood sugar) and enter the blood stream to be used as energy. However, because these carbs are broken down and absorbed more rapidly, they cause a bigger blood sugar spike. Unless we’re exercising or performing an activity that requires a lot of concentrated energy (like hiking or rock climbing) we don’t need all this energy all at once and so we’re left with a lot of unused blood sugar that ultimately gets dumped off and stored as fat. They are usually non-filling but calorie dense. Simple carbs are usually found in processed foods that have little or no nutrients, examples are candy, sugared cereals, sodas and artificial fruit juices, refined breads, pastries, etc.

So the truth is carbs are not all bad, in fact they are a necessary part of our diet, you just need to fuel your body with a healthy dose of carbs, protein and fat for a healthier, trimmer, more toned and defined body. Carbohydrates are nothing to be feared, neither are they a taboo, and they contain nutrients that play an integral role in weight loss and strength-training. Knowing foods that contain complex versus simple carbs is the key to sustained energy that can fuel you to get through even the busiest of days. If you want to embark on a low carb diet these are some basic information that you should have before you commence on such diet.

Carbs are not bad, if carbs are taken right.

It is important to consume meals that can provide the energy we need to last through the day.

I appreciate Kubby for sharing her knowledge on this because I think some of my tips for dodging carbs can be a bit extreme. It is lovely to have accurate input from a fitness enthusiast. My favortie post on her blog has to be  Low Carb Breakfast Options. Check out this post for some more options to get you through Low Carb March.


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