The Worry Trap

One annoying thing about our minds is that it will always suggest something for us to be worried about. Even when everything is going fine, the mind can make room for doubts that trigger our anxieties and fears.

You could be sound asleep then wake up out of the blue wondering if you remembered to lock the doors before getting into bed. Or you’re having fun with friends and suddenly, you start to think of how much you have left to survive through the month.

Worries give birth to fears that manifest itself in different ways, could even be in form or a phobia or superstition. No one is above falling into the worry trap, and sadly some get stuck in it. When we give way to worrisome thoughts, they grow and start to reflect in our choices and daily lives.

I don’t think worries should be completely dismissed as they pop up in our minds; because sometimes it might be your intuition trying to communicate with you. So I think it is important to reflect on what might be the cause of the worry.

However, when a worrying mind starts to affect one’s daily life and hindering the person from living to the fullest, it’s time to pick yourself up and take control of your thoughts.

Good and bad cannot co-exist at the same time. As strong as any emotion feels, it is really just a product of our thoughts. You can stay in control of your mind by constantly feeding it with good thoughts, eventually protecting ourselves from feelings fear and anxiety.

Unfortunately in Nigeria, the government is very unreliable and this leaves us with more worries over basic amenities and survival for day to day life; things that shouldn’t even be a topic of worry in the first place. And this can induce feelings of limitation to the level of control one has over their thoughts.

So I find myself having to put extra effort into making sure the good thoughts dominate the bad. When I feel myself falling into the worry trap, I try to decipher if the feelings are as a result of my intuition speaking to me or if they are just bad thoughts that have started to manifest….and most times there not negative thoughts or emotions.

Good and bad cannot co-exist at the same time.

We are not supposed to understand every detail of life. We’re stuck here and might as well make the most of it. There is no reward in living a life of fear and worry. In the end, the only question that will be asked is what was achieved rather than what was lost.

Obsessing over details and trying to make sense one everything in your life is a trap that I believe everyone should beware of. Take time to declutter your mind, sifting bad from good thoughts, feeding only the good and you will see that there is nothing to worry about.

The only way we can help ourselves is to feed the mind with positive thoughts.

Do you struggle with a worrying mind? What are the tips you use to stay out of the worry trap?