What’s the First Thing You Do in the Morning?

To be very honest, the first thing I do is to look at my phone and go on social media. This has been the case for almost 8 years now, since I started using a smartphone.

When I read books or come across posts in that talk about career success and fulfilment, one recurring message that I have noticed is the impact that a morning routine has on one’s productivity and mindset through the day. I just finished reading a book, “The power of habit”, and it also goes into details about how morning routines setting the pace for the day (shout out to Isaac for lending me this book).

At the start of the year, we all set goals of what we would like to achieve before the year runs out. With my energy for 2020 to be accountable and to explore free will as self control, it got me thinking about my morning habits. So I spent a couple of days being mindful to the things I was doing in the morning.

My first approach to this was not to try to change anything; but to be fully mindful of how I start my day then pick the things I want to change and form new routines around the habits that I believe need to change. My normal routine has been to wake up between 5 -6am and to lay in bed scrolling on social media until my alarm rings at 7:30am.

Can you imagine waking up so early in the morning only to spend those very sensitive hours on social media, not doing anything particularly productive? What a shame.

Then I get the day started with a devotional, chores, breakfast and so on. This has worked for me for the longest time, or so I believed. When I look back to through the years and analyse my level of productivity, I am not always impressed. I mean, the ginger (energy) is there but after a while, it all dies down. So I started thinking, how do I use my morning routine as a tool for consistent productivity?

In my time to take note of possible changes that can be made to my poor morning routine (other than the mindless social media scrolling), a major pitfall I have noticed is poor time management. Can you imagine waking up so early in the morning only to spend those very sensitive hours on social media, not doing anything particularly productive? What a shame.

The issue at hand is not particularly how addictive social media is or the fact that I can’t seem to control myself or close the app, because the truth is that I still do everything I need to do in the mornings. But how do I manage my time that productivity wins rather than mindlessness?

Everyone says that the best way to change a bad habit is to replace it with new ones. I believe I can replace all my poor morning habits with good ones however how do I manage my time so that these new habits have a fair chance to shine?

This is something I am still trying to figure out because as an individual that suffers from severe anxiety, I hate to feel rushed so finding a middle ground is very important.

I am very desperate and eager to achieve all my goals this year and with my energy for 2020, I believe that a good place to start is time management.

Have you ever found yourself at crossroads to balance out routines with time management? How did you go about it? Kindly share some tips, I would really appreciate them.

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