The Energy for 2020

I really love exploring the depth of experiences. When I have the chance to walk into something new, something I have never experienced; I keep a very open mind and enjoy going with the vibes to see the depths of where it will take me. Like, where’s the fun in a mediocre life?

Freedom! One of my mantras for life. I am a big fan of freedom. I look for it anywhere I find myself. There is no better feeling in this world than the feeling of being free. As I a getting older, I find myself with more opportunities to explore my freedom in many ways that I have never been questioned about. Being an adult leaves me with full control of my time, activities and lifestyle. It is really fun to be very honest. Also, I cannot lie that I have abused it in some cases.

However, I have started to come to understand that exploring the depth of experiences will not particularly help me to reach my goal. What really can help me to reach my dreams is persistence, or in other words consistency, endurance. This realisation has made me to take a step back to analyse how exactly I am using my free will. Yes, I love my free will and freedom in all walks of life. But what good exactly is it when it is only used as a tool to justify exuberance?

What other ways can freedom be explored outside exuberance — procrastination, poor time management, tardiness, overindulgence?

Progressing into my mid 20s and into 2020 is making me to question my accountability. To ask myself, how exactly do I use my free will. What other ways can freedom be explored outside exuberance-procrastination, poor time management, tardiness, overindulgence? How can I maximise this very much valued freedom to achieve my full potential? After taking some to time to meditate on it, I have come to the following conclusion:

  • Decision is the starting point to which every dreamer must begin – Napoleon Hill
  • Habits build routines that your destiny is reliant on.
  • Any bad habit can be broken and new habits can be cultivated with persistence.
  • Plans and goals are not enough. While the intricate details are important, getting your body moving is more important. Hard work is the core of planning.
  • Discipline, persistence and self control is the ultimate expression of free will.

Freedom can be used as a weapon to override shortcomings. I have noticed that when life is lived using freedom as a weapon, we fail to hold ourselves accountable, our standards drop and growth is stunted. Bearing this in mind, I am determined to put as much effort as is needed to explore my free will for the benefit of my destiny; using my freedom to explore discipline, self control and persistence rather than to override my shortcomings.

This, I think, is the beginning of maturity. I hope to see the depths of how I can explore my new found sense of freedom.