Yayyy 24!!! Feels good.

I woke up this morning, made myself a cup of green tea. It’s nice to be alive.

I used to be very anxious about getting older, but not so much anymore. I’m very excited about my journey and my future. I am very confident that God has even bigger and greater plans for me. I’m happy and content with where I’m at and I trust myself to keep moving.

Whenever I start to feel myself being anxious about getting older, I try to reflect on my growth. Growth is so beautiful, it really is the most exciting part about getting older to be honest (I mean, other than wrinkled skin and weak joints….. *tears*)

Travelling through this journey of life is filled with so many emotions, ups and downs. So if getting older starts to bring negative rather than positive emotions; it only means that I need to assess and acknowledge my growth.

From the moment I have had this realisation, I have kept it at the back of my mind to ensure that my ageing process is an exciting one. Adulting started off to a pretty rough start but I am finally getting a hang of it. (Phew…about time lol).

I’m grateful for where I’m at in life. Not gonna lie, I have been in my emotions for a couple of days. Life can’t help but to toss a couple of lemons at us everyone once in a while. I have been making lemonades so much; my fingers are pruning (metaphor lol). But today; I feel happy, I feel grateful and I feel fulfilled.

I am definitely still a work in progress and still have a lot to learn. But looking back; what a journey. I am also very hopeful for the future. Everything is working in my favour and I cannot wait to live many more decades.

Shout out to my mother for birthing me. Shout out to my father for his care. Shout out to my brothers for their love. Shout out to my friends for their support and understanding.

I wish myself many more years of wisdom, success, opportunities; a bigger heart for gratitude…..and of course; beautiful skin.

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