Sensual Playlists

Music really is medicine for the soul. There’s just something so serene about finding the perfect playlist, hitting shuffle and melting into vibes. I am a big music lover.

A part of me doesn’t even trust people that claim to not love music- pardon my judgement. To be fair, I am not very picky about types or genres, music is one of the special things I am open-minded about. However, I tend to gravitate towards soul, RnB, Alternative, Pop and the Nigerian in me cannot do without Afrobeats.

I love to create playlists as well. In fact, I have a playlist for each mood. So, I have decided to share some of my playlists of some selected songs from certain artists that I think give cool and sensual vibes.

One skill I wish I had though, was disc jockeying skills; solely for the sake of creating mashups for my pleasure. Haha. Anyway, while these playlists aren’t mashups, I hope that you hear the beauty in them regardless. (Click the link to open in iTunes)

  • Soul Comfort

Oh Wonder makes some of the most serene and uplifting music I’ve heard in my entire life. Mix them with Broods and the wavelength of your emotions are gonna be really high. It’s all good vibes.

  • Bryson x PND x Dvsn

These three artists (Bryson Tiller, PartyNextDoor and Dvsn) together are sensual overload. I wonder why they do not have a collaboration yet. I could add Drake to the mix but this playlist can easily pass off as a sex playlist so I’ll leave it as is.

  • Nonso x Khalid

Nonso Amadi and Khalid both make beautiful music and put me in the same mood tbh. I have to say that Nonso Amadi is a gem that needs to be protected at all cost, his voice is butter.

  • Feel and Chill

I made this playlist for moments when I just want to block the world out and bask in nothing but my emotions. Anyone that listens to Alina Baraz knows the beauty of her music. There’s also a bit of London grammar and Summer Walker here.

*I use iTunes and unfortunately all the playlists are solely there. If I get a lot of requests to have them on other platforms then, I could consider expanding them a bit.

Are you able to listen to them? Which one is your fave? How would you personalise your own sensual playlist? Tell me about it in the comments.

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