Self-Discipline: Battle of The Mind and The Soul

I know I said that I’d talk about my creative projects on this blog but I have been facing a creative block lately and I’m just going with the flow. The next post will hopefully be art related.

Something that’s on my mind this morning though, is finding a balance for inner peace. Inner peace, to me, is when the mind, body, soul and spirit are all on the same page, working on an agreement and in sync. So basically, when there is no conflict in your being.

This is my understanding of “self”: Consisting of mind, body soul and spirit; The spirit is the anchor that keeps us grounded. The mind is the wheel that stirs us in necessary directions. The soul is the driving force/fuel of life and actions. The body is the vessel that houses the mind, soul and spirit.

As humans, one of the most difficult things to control is our thoughts. Sometimes we lose track of them, they take us to the most bizarre places. How well you can control the wander of the mind is practically the determinant of inner peace.

I live in my head a lot, however, I have been able to keep this in check a lot recently. I can even say that my inner peace as been on a high lately and I would like to keep it that way but I am starting to face some challenges.

A couple of things have happened in my life (career and relationships) lately that I find my soul intuition begging my mind to cooperate to do what is best for my spirit. I know I sound like a crazy person, but indulge me a little.

In simple terms, I am struggling with self discipline and this stands as a major hinderance towards achieving my goals.

In my opinion, your level of obedience to your soul guidance- basically level of self- discipline, reflects how much you respect your spirit. A constant disobedience of one’s intuition guidance ends up in unfulfillment; and we don’t want that.

Honestly, we all have moments when we do not hear our intuition as loud as we should or we hear it and completely ignore it. Now my battle is that I hear it loud and clear but I am stuck in the wander of my mind. For a moment, I thought the wander was fear. Whatever it is, one thing I’m sure of is that it’s a distraction.

There is a conflict in my sync balance for inner peace and if I continue to override my soul, I might end up making a streak of poor decisions. I desperately do not want to go down that path and need to work on my discipline.

I deserve to be at peace at all times. All my goals deserve to be fulfilled. I guess my new personal project is self disciple. I need to respect my spirit.

Do you find yourself in phases where you’re in a conflict of self discipline? How do you handle moments when you sense an override about to happen? I would love to hear your comments.

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