Adulting… for Dummies

I found this piece I wrote in March 2017 when my journey of self-discovery started and decided to share it…

When this year, started I felt optimistic, positive and ready to take on any obstacles. My status as a masters graduate made me feel invincible. The world was my oyster and no one could bring me down. The first trial that hit me was moving back to Nigeria after 5 years in the UK; which I didn’t see as a big deal because I knew I was just there for uni and would have to move back home at some point.

Coming to terms with the move wasn’t difficult because all I had to do was brace myself mentally about the transition. Transition from cool and bipolar weather to bearing with the constant and humid environment…..from relating with nice, gentle and understanding people to dealing with angry and complaining busybodies.

Initially after I just got back with my IJGB mentality, I was wondering why everyone was always really angry and agitated. Now I understand why and even the leader of the angry troop. The economy is a mess, electricity is not constant, the price of everything is inflated and the job market is a complete mess. These conditions are more than enough for any one to go crazy.

I give props to people that have had to deal with this for many years seeing as I have only dealt with it for three months. As fucked up as situations are in this country, Nigeria is home. There is no where else to run to (well, only if you have a dual citizenship).  In King Sunny Ade’s words “Nigeria yi ti gbo gbo wa ni”. Thats a yoruba phrase from a song meaning “This Nigeria belongs to all of us”. The next line after this part of the song is a complete irony; however, the only option is to survive.

Now I am trying to figure out what exactly to do with this oyster and how to break it open. The independent graduate life has hit me like a brick.  Does a guide like “Adulting for dummies” exist? How exactly am I supposed to figure this journey out?

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