What Jogging Three Times A Week Has Taught Me

Everyday, we hear about the benefits of exercise. But at what point exactly are you pushed to make it a lifestyle?

Other than causal sit-ups when I feel fat and random squats to boost my self esteem, I have never been one to exercise a lot. Right from secondary school, I found any form of workout unnecessarily exhausting.

Actually, I tried to pick it up as a lifestyle once in 2013. It was a resolution that year to do my best to get in shape but I stopped paying for my gym membership after three months because of my lack of consistency.

After dealing with a streak of losses all through 2018 in my attempt to nail adulting on the head, depression kicked me in the butt and I did my best to crawl out of it. However, there was a day in January 2019 that I was almost slipping back into the dark hole and it was right in that moment I knew I needed to make a drastic change.

With all the determination left in me, on one faithful morning, I found myself waking up and putting on my running shoes to beat laying in bed all day.

It started of with a slight jog and now I have achieved almost every milestone on the Nike Run Plus App. There is a form of discipline, strength, power and confidence that comes with exercising. Jogging, in particular, helps to condition my mind to push myself. Even when I feel tired, as long as my legs are still moving, the run is still in progress.

So, the key is to keep my legs moving and everything else would fall into place, regardless of how tired and exhausted I am.

I am very glad to have picked up this habit because it has completely changed my attitude towards life. I feel like a winner after each session, regardless of what could be going on in my personal life.

My losses don’t weight me down as much anymore. The mental and physical conditioning that comes with exercising makes me feel prepared for any challenge that life may toss at me; and I am boosting my health at the same time so it honestly is a win-win situation. I really hope that this becomes a lifelong habit.

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