Maximising My Full Potential

Will I ever reach my full potential? I’m sure this is a question that a lot of us ponder on from time to time but avoid dwelling on.

It can be very easy to get carried away when we are faced with life‘s challenges. The older we get, the more we realise everything isn’t as easy and as simple as we originally thought. I believe that how we choose to handle this realisation has a lot to do with where life leads us and how we can make the most of it.

I am a dreamer. I love to think deeply about possible scenarios; picture ways in which situations in my life can play out for me to live the life that I truly desire. I had majority of my early life mapped out with the help of my parents who assisted me through my education. But after completing my NYSC in 2017 (a compulsory service year for Nigerian youth), i was left asking myself, now what? The typical answer is get a job. I know I’m going to get a job, that is the ideal procedure to follow. But in order to reach my full potential, NOW WHAT?

My parents looked at me as an adult, old enough to make her own decisions. Regardless, I still saw myself as this child that needed guidance. But it hit me one day that if I am serious about achieving these dreams that I so fondly think about, I would have to take a huge leap of faith. I wasn’t sure what this leap of faith was or which direction I was supposed to be going in. However, I knew that I had to figure it out before falling into the typical routine of jobs after jobs, get married and have kids e.t.c.

After I wasn’t retained at my place of primary assignment, it seemed like the best time to go into solidarity to figure out how realistic my goals were and ways I could go about achieving them. This period of solidarity changed my life forever (well, i’m hoping).

So far, this journey has been filled with depression, anxiety, epiphanies, challenges and risks. I have gotten to know myself better, grown to love myself, started a small business and i am getting to understand life a lot better.

However, is all of this enough for me to maximise my full potential? The thought scares me too. My leap of faith has me in the position of the fish in the image above and I am hoping I land in a bowl of clean water and not on the floor. But I hope you can walk with me on this journey to see where it leads me. Hopefully, it is somewhere wonderful.

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