Is This What Happiness Feels Like?

Happiness. A feeling we all crave so deeply but is very fleeting.

I have been feeling great lately, feeling more like myself that I ever have in a long time. There was one night where I was laying on my bed, doing a light meditation session. And in that moment, I felt more content than I ever have in my whole life. I mean, I don’t have a full-time job, my small businesses are off to a slow start, my life is not even close to perfect but I felt very content.

So I decided to define what happiness means to me. Millicent, what is happiness to you? One thing I have come to greatly understand is the fact that happiness is here and now with me. There is no destination for happiness. It is a choice and a decision that you make above whatever is going on in your life. Happiness is contentment in the face of disappointments with the hope and faith that better is coming and everything around you is working is your favour.

This epiphany has greatly changed my viewpoint to life for the better. Don’t get me wrong; there are situations that life present to us that seem to have no joy in it. For moments like this, I tell myself to live in the moment. If you find yourself in situations where you have to mourn or brood over a loss, go ahead and let it all out. But always remember that there is always a brighter side to every situation that life tosses at us. There is no joy in spending all your life mourning.

I hope that I can constantly remind myself that happiness is here and now with me; to always live in the moment, regardless of what the moment is. It is impossible to be happy all the time, however, true happiness is the acceptance of your reality and the confidence that you can open your little box of joy within whenever you need to.

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