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Hello there, my name is Millicent. I love to write, design and craft so I started this blog to journal through my journey by sharing the thought process behind the ideas on all my passion projects. I hope you can join me on this journey too!

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I am always up to something new. In case you are wondering what I have been up to lately…

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I am multi-faceted and open to opportunities across marketing communications, public relations, content creation, and events management.

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My MarTech Stack

“Uhn? MarTech? What’s that?” I was intrigued when I heard the term “MarTech” for the first time. My interest grew even deeper when I found out it is basically the professional intersection of marketing and technology. So basically, MarTech is a term to explain when technology assists your marketing goals. It is generally used in…

Certification, Self-Doubt, Volunteering & More Designs

We are 14 weeks into the 100 days of productivity challenge. Read original post here. I definitely lost track at some point because I got deeply buried in my professional digital marketing certification. However, just because a post hasn’t been uploaded in the last two months doesn’t mean I still have not stayed accountable to…

Productivity or Design? (Day 1-7)

We are one week into 100 days of productivity challenge and honestly, I am loving it so far. I love being accountable at the end of each day to testify on what I have spent the whole day doing. If you’re confused on the details of this, kindly read the previous blogpost where I shared…


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