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Hello there, my name is Millicent. I love to write, design and craft so I started this blog to journal through my journey by sharing the thought process behind the ideas on all my passion projects. I hope you can join me on this journey too!

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I am always up to something new. In case you are wondering what I have been up to lately…

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I am multi-faceted and open to opportunities across marketing communications, public relations, content creation, and events management.

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Productivity or Design? (Day 1-7)

We are one week into 100 days of productivity challenge and honestly, I am loving it so far. I love being accountable at the end of each day to testify on what I have spent the whole day doing. If you’re confused on the details of this, kindly read the previous blogpost where I shared…

100 Days of Productivity Challenge

Happy New Year! 2021, here we go. Do you have any resolutions for the new year? New Years bring new hope that makes us feel alive. It is almost as if all the mistakes from the previous year have been erased, we cling on to our wins and make up our minds to bag more…

Art Piece: Will of Fortune

I have been very tempted to make use of residual craft pieces from previous projects, rather than tossing them out as I did not want them to waste. A good portion of the usable scraps has been glitter foam cards and gold cards. So I got an idea to create a piece inspired by stained…


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